Tourism in Bosnia

According to the data and estimates of the World Tourism Organization, Bosnia and Herzegovina ranked third in the world in terms of the rate of tourism growth between the years one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five AD and two thousand and twenty AD. Bosnia and Herzegovina contains many tourist attractions that attract tourists and visitors from all regions around the world, and the following are some...

The number of Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The results of the census conducted by the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2013 showed that the proportion of Muslims in the country was approximately 50.7%, in the first official census conducted by the government since 1991, as it showed that the population in this republic is approximately 3,591,159 people The study announced that the percentage of females reaches approximately 50.94 percent of...

Where is Bosnia located?

Bosnia is located in southeastern Europe in the Balkans, where it is bordered on three sides by the state of Croatia, to the north, west and south, to the east by Serbia, and to the west by the Republic of Montenegro. the ClimateThe climate in Bosnia differs between the regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the climate in Bosnia prevails in a temperate continental climate, hot in summer and cold...

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Officially called the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with its capital Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina is included in the list of the republics of the former Yugoslavia. from the last century. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a member of a number of UN organizations and bodies, such as the European Council since 2002, and the Mediterranean Union as a founding member since 2008. The Republic has also become...

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